An important decision.

This decision can be more important than your vehicle choice. Fortunately if you make the wrong choice there are hundreds of four wheeling clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. The state associations in your area can assist you in finding the right club for you. Clubs vary in size, participation level, and difficulty level. If you are just getting into organized four wheeling you should plan to visit several clubs before making your decision

Size can matter when dealing with your club selection. In most cases you will find that the larger clubs have more trail rides and events available for you. On the down side a larger club can at times treat the members like a number.
Ssgp2422_small  Another important aspect of finding the right club is the average age of the members. For example a retired couple may not want to become part of a teenage/twenty something kind of club, they tend to travel the most difficult trails without regard for vehicle and at times body. Regardless of your age you should look for a variety of people, ages and skill levels in the club you join.

For you to have a successful and fun time in the club you select, you should ask about the amount of participation that is required by the club. Many clubs offer an associate membership that allows you to go on trails rides and to get the
Gloves1_smallnewsletter. A full membership means that you should plan on being at the club meetings, to go on several trail rides and to potentially become an officer or chairperson in the club. Another important aspect of your selection is what kind of trips are planned. Does the club trips typically require an over night/weekend stay, day trips, do they go out of state, and what is the frequency of trips. Does the club participate in trail maintenance and what trails do they sponsor?

Testing your limits is not an unusual occurrence when attending a trip with a club. However, passing your limits to the point of being dangerous is something most wheelers avoid. When interviewing a club that you want to join make sure you know
image001_small1 what type of trails they tend to run. If they mainly run top rated trails and your skill level is not to that point you should find a different club. Be honest with yourself, there is plenty of time to build your skills to a level of handling any trail out there. Some clubs require a certain make of vehicle and/or skill level, it is your responsibility to make sure yours matches theirs.

All in all organized four wheeling gives you an opportunity to tune your skills in a safer environment while meeting other people with similar interest. We encourage you to find a club that meets with your four wheeling techniques and personal requirements. Look for clubs that belong to the state and national association, look for a club that subscribes to the tread lightly philosophy.