Pokey ’85 Toyota



Nick Name: Pokey Home Page:  
Make: Toyota Email Address:  
Model:   Location: Colorado, USA
Year: 86-85

Affectionately named Pokey by its owner this Toyriffic Toyota climbs almost everything in its path.

Sporting 36″ Super Swamper tires Pokey seems to make the toughest obstacles look easy.  A u-bolt flip, 4″ superlift springs, custom cross over steering with IFS steering box, Marlink tie-rod and draglink, and custom steering arms up front with a ’86 rear axle, 3.5″superlift springs in the rear make clearing the big meats possible.  The custom paint job was applied by Ryan and his uncle Richard.

Pokey is an appropriate name for this truck. The Marlin double transfer case with one 4:1 and one stock gearset Marlin Crawler with 4.38 gears front and rear keep this vehicle moving at a snails pace.

As a master welder, Ryan had no problem reducing the size of the truck bed by 12″. This gives Pokey the short wheel base needed for serious rock crawling.

The 5 speed tranny out of a 86 Toyota along with vented front rotors from a FJ-40 add to the trail performance of this rig.

Front & Rear EZ Lockers make quick work of most terrain. For the rare times that he needs help getting over an obstacle a 9000lb winch is bolted up front to his custom bumper. The interior roll cage keeps the driver safe when the wrong side is up.

All an all this ride may not look very pretty, but it will crawl over some of the worse terrain in the nation.

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Drive Train
Engine: 22r
Tranny: 5 speed
Tcase: Marlin double
Axle Information
Front Axle  
Fr. Locker: EZ locker
Rear Axle:  
Rr. Locker: EZ locker
Gear Ratio 4:1
Spec Sheet
Crawl Ratio:  
RTI Score:  
RTI Ramp   
Wheel Base:  
Lift: 4″ superlift
Bolt-On Mod’s
Custom Mod’s
Winch GPS

Rear Tow


Fr. Tow CB 

on board air 

Full Cage